RATE DISCLAIMER: Each company must have an active account with FYI Fuse in order to purchase a marketing product. Companies are offered a free trial period for 30 days from the day that they sign up with FYI Fuse. On the 31st day the company will be charged the full price for the chosen product or products and must agree to recurring payments every 30 days until the subscription is canceled by the company or the 12 month subscription has expired. The prices for the banners are: Top (660x60) $30/month or $360/per year, Side Left or Right (150x500) $60/month or $720/per year, Square (200x200) $50/month or $600/per year . All Banners placed on our main pages ( which will appear on all of the following pages: Our Mission, Contact Us, Business Finder, Post a Business, Advertising, Sign Up) will be charged $200/month or $2,400/per year, the monthly subscriptions are not included in the Free Trial period. Companies also have the choice of uploading a video at a cost of $100/month or $1,200/per year, neither of these options are not included in the Free Trial period. FYI Fuse offers companies the option of selling a business at a cost of $15/month per business, which is not included in the Free Trial period.

PAYMENT DISCLAMER: For all subscriptions we require full major credit card information including CCV number (security code) and billing address. At this time, credit card is the only form of payment accepted. After we receive your subscription request, our representatives will process the request and authorize your credit card for the full amount of the chosen products to be charged on a monthly basis. With the ad banner selection your credit card will not be charged for the first 30 days of creating an account with FYI Fuse LLC. After the 30 days the card on file will be charged for the full amount that was chosen by the company. If a yearly subscription is chosen the credit card the card on file will be processed immediately and charged within 48 hours of purchase.

CANCELLATION POLICY: All companies have the right to cancel their subscription at any time by deleting their banner, event or sell a business posting. This cancellation process will begin immediately and the company will not be charged the following month. Cancellations must be made within 28 days of the 30 days of the payment cycle, in order to avoid being charged for a full month of services. Please keep in mind that is the consumers responsibility to keep track of their payment cycle dates.

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